Case: Launching a course for training a manicurist, where 924 applications were collected in 2 months

Tags: targeted advertising, landing page development, CMM strategy creation, product packaging.

Case author: Vladyslav Syzonenko
About the client
Olga Guk
Olga Guk is a small nail salon founded by Olga, a nail technician with 14 years of experience. Together with her students, she creates non-standard manicure designs, helps girls get new impressions and stand out from others.

Thanks to her great experience, she decided to prepare her own course in which she will talk about both the basic things and the intricacies of the manicure craft.
What tasks were set
  • 1
    Find 50 students for paid education
    Run an advertising campaign to test the course and find 50 students.
  • 2
    200 leads for webinars
    Package a course, create sales funnels and drive 200 leads to webinars.
Project complexity
New direction
The main problem was related to the fact that this was a new direction in the client's business. There was no client base, no website, no history of launching advertising campaigns and no clear vision of the product.
No sales manager
An additional complication that arose in the process is little experience in speaking and the absence of a sales manager.
  • Total number of leads: 924;
  • Average cost of 1 lead: $0.10;
  • Advertising duration: 60 days;
  • Number of sales: 64 people;
  • Client cost: $1.46
  • Budget spent: $93.89.
What was done
To start::
  • Carried out a marketing analysis of: the client's business, the services and products offered by him;
  • Created a portrait of the target audience;
  • Identified the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
  • Analyzed competitors.

After analysis, the conclusions were as follows:
1. There are a large number of courses for manicure masters, but the quality of the services they offer is not very high - there were no websites, packages, sales funnels, and the experience of the teacher was sometimes in question.
2. After the analysis, I identified 4 types of potential target audience for courses:
Those who purposefully want to improve their skills as manicure masters.
Moms on maternity leave
Moms on maternity leave, as well as housewives.
Other professions
Girls working in other professional fields, but wishing to master an additional one.
Similar Audience
A lookalike audience based on Instagram and website visitors.

Website development and course packaging
The business founder wrote the course program and prepared a description of her skills, after which I started packaging and creating a site on the PL platform - this platform allows you to make a site without programming skills and test the conversion of different blocks.

The site was created in stages, with testing of each block - this allowed us to increase the conversion rates, as a result, we achieved a conversion of 82.20% to the request for a free webinar. This was achieved by hitting exactly the audience, the pain of customers and the profitability of the offer.
Launch of an advertising campaign
Direct sale
Initially, I launched an ad for direct sales of the course, but its conversion was 1.8%, which was not enough. After starting the group, I decided to change my strategy:

· Create a free workshop;

· Prepare a one-day course and an online webinar.

After the launch of the workshop, we filled a group of 10 people during the week, of which 6 people bought the course after familiarization. Due to the small format of the room and limited space, we decided to reformat the course online and collect 50 students.
Online webinar
During the launch of the online webinar, I gathered 152 people, 61 of them reached, but 0 bought the course. This was due to 2 problems:

1. The lack of experience of the speaker - if he does not have experience in conducting a webinar, sales will be zero, no matter how good the course is, people simply do not want to learn from this teacher.

2. Slow processing of requests from customers, because there was no sales manager.
At the second webinar, 101 students were able to gather, 48 of them reached the end, and 10 bought the course. At this stage, past mistakes were taken into account, the webinar, the behavior of the speaker, and the lesson were worked out in more detail.
Due to the fact that it was not possible to process all applications, the client sold and communicated with all students at once on the webinar, then they led to the payment stage and closed the deal.

After that, they began to launch a series of webinars, in just a month they were able to collect 924 applications and sell training to 64 students.

— The landing page reduced the cost of the application from $0.80 to $0.10 due to the fact that it allowed to stand out sharply from competitors with a worse quality of service.

— Best of all, the courses attracted people who purposefully wanted to improve the skills of manicurists.

— The webinar showed better conversions and worked faster than simple sales and other funnel options.

Vladyslav Syzonenko
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