Case: How they launched an online course on FrontEnd from scratch and reached an income of 128,000 UAH

Tags: targeted advertising, landing page development, CMM strategy creation, product packaging.

Case author: Vladyslav Syzonenko
About company
Peace-IT школа
Peace-IT is a company that teaches Front-end development based on its own curriculum. The main focus is on practice and solving problems that may occur when working in a real company.

Training from the company helps those who want to learn the frontend to gain practical skills and experience that is as close to real as possible.
What tasks were set?
I worked at Peace-IT as the head of marketing, responsible for the new online direction. Based on this, I had 2 main tasks:
  • 1
    20 students
    Launch an online course from scratch and build a learning system. It was planned to take 20 students for the first test course.
  • 2
    Automate the course
    After conducting test sessions, improve the course and run it again by automating and systematizing processes so that it is possible to run the course every week. The plans were to replenish the number of students weekly and sell from 50 places for training.
Project complexity
Start from scratch
The need to start everything from scratch due to the fact that the course has never been launched online and there was no online learning system.
Old site
The site was old with not very modern functionality, which scared away part of the audience and made it difficult to interact with customers.
Lack of sales funnels
Advertising campaigns were carried out with rates on direct sales through lead forms, which now shows not as high efficiency as before. In 2021, direct sales are mainly used for courses with a price tag of up to $50.
Lack of information
The course was poorly packaged, there was not enough information to fully disclose the training program, it was not possible to try part of the course for free and get to know the teacher better.
  • Total number of leads: 370;
  • Average cost per lead: $2.19;
  • Landing page conversion: 8.94%;
  • Advertising duration: 45 days;
  • Number of students: 20 people;
  • Budget spent: $811;
  • ROMI: 310%.
First of all, an analysis of the target audience was carried out in order to better understand the customers, programs offered by competitors, their presentation and marketing funnels.

As a result, the target audience was segmented into 4 types:
Beginning programmers
Interested specifically in programming and Front-End.
Those who are keen on learning, but at the same time not being as confident as the first group - for example, students.
Other professions
Working in other jobs and wishing to change profession.
Job seekers
Unemployed or actively looking for a new job.
After analyzing competitors, the following sales funnels were identified:
  • Direct sale of the course through targeted advertising on Facebook & Instagram;
  • Sales funnel with a lead magnet for a consultation;
  • Funnel for an educational webinar;
  • 3-day marathon;
  • Personalized, pre-recorded marathon;
  • Trial period of study without paying for the course.

Based on the data received, the teacher began to prepare a description for the course. Before creating it, we tested several Beta versions of the product.
After conducting a marketing analysis, creating and packaging the course, we began to promote it.

Course promotion
We chose 6 options for sales funnels, which we decided to test and choose the most effective one:
  • Direct sales "on the forehead" using targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Funnel with a lead magnet for a consultation;
  • A funnel with a lead magnet for an educational webinar;
  • 3-day marathon;
  • Pre-recorded personalized marathon;
  • Providing a trial period of training.
We tested each hypothesis, spending money and time on performance testing to make sure which option is the most suitable. Banners, programs, translation to the site and to the sales department were used.
Advertising banner design

In the courses, the teacher himself plays a big role, sometimes more than marketing itself. It is important that people want to learn from him. As soon as we found the right teacher, the question of what was wrong with the site or advertising disappeared.

The lack of free access to the course caused the highest percentage of refusals. By running a workshop where students could try the course, we achieved much better results.

Vladyslav Syzonenko
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