Case: Promoting the webinar The Magic of Google Ads - 770 leads

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Case author: Vladyslav Syzonenko
About the company
Igor Ivitsky
Online training on setting up Google Ads. The school is focused on the payback of advertising and all training is built on the extensive experience of Igor Ivitsky. More than 1000+ people have already learned and are making their advertising more effective.
What tasks were set?
  • 1
    Reduce lead price
    Reduce the cost of a lead from an average of $1.8 to the desired $1. As a result, we abandoned the $1 KPI due to the poor quality of the target audience that we bought out.
  • 2
    Improve audience quality
    Improve the quality of the target audience so that traffic is on par with Google advertising - 20%.
Project complexity
End customer price
  1. Having reached the KPI, we lost profitability, which affected the payback. Applications for $1 came out more expensive in total than for $1.5.
Low attendance
The main problem was attendance. Therefore, we regularly tested new audiences and creatives.
  • Clicks: 2233;
  • CTR: 1.05%;
  • Cost per click: $0.54;
  • Total number of leads: 770;
  • Average cost per lead: $1.56;
  • Advertising duration: 60 days;
  • Budget Spent: $1208.23
What was done
Identified several audiences:
PPC Specialists
Like those who previously interacted
The following hypotheses were formed:
  • Creation of a communication strategy. This is a repeated interaction with a potential client;
  • Developed messages in creatives for different target audiences. What attracted PPC professionals and entrepreneurs differed greatly.
  • Connecting a bid limit to control the cost of a lead and at the same time not lose the quality of the target audience
  • Testing additional funnels for lead magnets (free files).
  • Further, to increase the conversion, the site was tested: 1-2 blocks, adaptive headings for creatives, change of visualization and presentation.

As a result, of all the audiences, PPC specialists and existing offers on the site worked best. With the help of lead magnets, we lowered the cost of a lead below $1, but traffic began to fall.

After we tested the one-page screens, the old landing page, lead forms, and messengers, we returned to the main site. The cost of a lead reached within $ 1.5, but as a result, we reached 20% attendance, as in Google advertising.

Advertising banner design

1. Cost per lead is increasingly a secondary priority as ROI and traffic are more important. KPI is important when the business model is developed and there is a clear understanding of all stages of the client's journey.

2. Lead magnets can bring the cost of a lead below $1, but audience quality can vary. It is important that the Lead Magnet is like a separate funnel and attracts the right target audience.

Vladyslav Syzonenko
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