Online store of women's underwear - 603 leads

Tags: targeted advertising

Case author: Vladyslav Syzonenko
About the company
Braland is a Ukrainian online store on Instagram for women's underwear.
What tasks were set?
  • 1
    Advertising was launched for the first time and it was necessary to compare the results with advertising from bloggers
  • 2
    Create a pipeline of leads with KPIs up to $2
  • Clicks: 1417;
  • Cost per click: $0.74;
  • Total number of leads: 429;
  • Average cost per lead: $1.73;
  • Advertising duration: 90 days;
  • Budget Spent: $1044.27
What was done
Since the success of advertising in online stores depends largely on the product and its presentation, all popular products were selected. We divided the goods into categories and thus tested what is best bought.

Underwear is inexpensive in price, which made it possible to take the following audiences:
All women from 18 to 35 years old
Underwear Interests
A similar audience to those who previously bought and wrote
Also, since bloggers were often used and there was organic reach, we built interactions with an audience that had previously visited the page within 7 days.

As a result, we came to the following:
  • Each product had its own advertisement, so that it would be more convenient to select the feed and placement for it
  • It was important to always publish stories, because in the absence of it, sales fell by 2 times at once.
  • We put an emphasis on the purchase of sets in order to increase the average check, which made it possible to cover all expenses and earn money.
  • The click through rate for the ad was low at 0.19% whatever we did, but the click through rate per page was 1.93%. Our strategy was formed on the basis of people's behavior. Therefore, it was important to always keep the page active.
  • Sales conversion from a lead ranged from 60-80% depending on the day and product availability.

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