Case: Promotion of a webinar on the course Affiliate Marketing - 626 applications

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Case author: Vladyslav Syzonenko
About company
School of Igor Ivitsky
Online training on setting up Google Ads. The school focuses on all possible ways to make money on advertising on Google. More than 1000+ people have already learned and are making their advertising more effective.
What tasks were set?
  • 1
    Reduce lead cost
    Reduce the price of a lead without reducing the percentage of webinar attendance
  • 2
    Improve audience quality
    Increase webinar attendance by working with the audience.
Project complexity
Problem attending a webinar
When the cost of a lead fell below $ 1, we lost traffic, and, accordingly, the payback of advertising.
Complexity of perception
Affiliate marketing is incomprehensible to many, which created difficulties at the interaction stage.
  • Transitions: 1805;
  • CTR: 1.26%;
  • Cost per click: $0.52;
  • Total number of leads: 626;
  • Average cost per lead: $1.49
  • Advertising duration: 60 days;
  • Budget Spent: $935.18
What was done
Multiple audiences selected
People who are interested in passive income
PPC Specialists
Like those who previously interacted
After auditing the advertising account and analyzing competitors, the following changes were made, as well as hypotheses:
  • Since there was a small funnel before the purchase, a hypothesis was formed to create several stages of warming up a potential client;
  • Previously, there were few tests with creatives, which did not give a better understanding of what is better to launch. Simple offers were formed without affiliate marketing, with affiliate marketing, as well as with a study on the main problems of the client.
  • Connecting a bid limit to control the cost of the application and at the same time not lose the quality of the target audience.
  • Connect Look-like (a similar audience to those who previously bought).
  • As well as testing offers and funnels through a lead magnet (free file).
  • In the process, when the advertisement was set up, additional tests were connected to the site. The site is made on 1-2 screens, with an adaptive title and visualizations of different meanings.

As a result, simple banners with a call about passive income had the best results. As well as an audience with interest - passive income.
Limit bids were used to lower the cost per lead. Thus, we bought out a more targeted audience.

Advertising banner design
Products for a general audience should be more understandable, if it is not a narrow audience that understands the product itself.

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