We create a stable flow of customers from social networks with a payback of 300%
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
For infobusiness
Average payback on advertising
Lowest cost per lead
10 167 leads
Received in 3 months
Thanks to cooperation with us, our partners are guaranteed to receive:
  • Constant flow of customers
    Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We use the most effective and low-budget tools to ensure that you get the right amount of leads for your business.
  • Proven techniques and trends
    For 5 years, we have already made all the mistakes for you. We use in the business of our partners only those tools that give a predictable result.
  • Increasing the average check
    The elegant packaging of your business builds the loyalty of new, more solvent customers, which allows you to sell at a higher markup.
  • Digitization of sales figures
    You literally see in real time how every dollar invested in advertising is multiplied tenfold thanks to customized analytics. All indicators are transparent and under your control.
We specialize
on the promotion of infobusiness
Educational projects:
Offline and online infobusiness: various courses and trainings, webinars and long-term training programs in schools of different directions. Developing circles for children and adolescents of development and creativity centers, as well as coaches, psychologists, and other specialists.
Leave a request, I will share my experience with you, show you successful cases, and offer different promotion options.
Our cases:
Free online course for expectant mothers "Waiting"
Promotion of a webinar on the course Affiliate Marketing - 626 applications
Promoting the webinar The Magic of Google Ads - 770 leads
Intensive "Karmic connection with family"
How they launched an online course on FrontEnd from scratch and reached an income of 128,000 UAH
Promoting personal training in public speaking
Launching a course for training a manicurist, where 924 applications were collected in 2 months
Paid webinar for cosmetologists on marketing on the topic "How to create an injection service"
Webinar for cosmetologists "Emergency care for emergency conditions after the introduction of fillers"
Our clients
High-grade traffic
turnkey system
We will create the desired advertising message
A profitable and correct offer is the key to the success of an advertising campaign. We will implement working recommendations for creating a selling promotional offer.
Connect platforms for leads
Lid-Form, messengers, landings, quizzes - these are all different ways of working with the target audience. We will connect a selling platform that will convert leads.
Set up an advertising campaign in social networks (design + target)
Your ad creatives will disarm your competitors and grab your audience’s attention, which will generate the right amount of leads.
Connect CRM and optimize the cost of a lead:
The connection of the site and the CRM system will allow you to control all the movements in the business, and optimization will reduce advertising costs by up to 60%.
Get an offer for your business
Our approach
We study your business in detail
We get to know each other, fill out a brief with you and plan the work.
We analyze: company, target audience, competitors and product.

We develop a strategy

We develop an SMM strategy, form hypotheses and predict the result.
We develop design, offer and copywriting for the target audience.
We embody
Let's start setting up, launching advertising. Then we optimize and scale to the desired volume of leads.
Our team
  • Vladyslav Syzonenko
    I create a stable flow of clients from social networks, work on all the factors that affect the payback of advertising.
  • Marina Zabolotnaya

    I set up targeted advertising getting into your target audience.
  • Alexander Prikhodko
    Graphic Designer
    I create creative advertising banners with high conversion.
Basic Services
Get an offer for your business
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